Mold Flow Analysis

There are several critical facets to a mold flow analysis and P.E.T.S. is one of the few company’s in the world to be certified as an “Expert” by Moldflow. P.E.T.S. knows the required input for ‘analysis’ work may vary, depending on what analysis you’re looking to perform which is why we provide custom Mold Flow Analysis reports.  一份优质的模流分析报告需要考虑众多关键性的考量因素,帕滋热流道是世界上为数不多的在模流分析上面能称得上专家的公司之一。取决于你想完成哪一方面的模流验证,我们都知道影响模流分析精确性的各种可变参数,我们能完全能按照客户的需求来完成一份定制的模流分析服务。